Setting the standard in geological modelling

Leapfrog Geo is relied on every day by thousands of geologists all around the world. From early exploration, to the largest operating mines, geologists trust Leapfrog Geo to gain the best possible understanding of the geology. 

Arm yourself with the tools you need, in a workflow environment that you’ll find quick to learn and highly visual. Easily incorporate new data and make decisions on the very latest information and interpretations. Reduce the risk associated with geological understanding.

With Leapfrog Geo you can:

  • Apply your skills to interpreting the geology rather than manually digitizing points, using Leapfrog’s advanced implicit modelling engine.
  • Make better decisions by automatically updating models with the most recent data.
  • See the big picture by harnessing all your data with Leapfrog’s unrivalled ‘FastRBF’  processing power.
  • Save time with logical workflows and an interface thoughtfully crafted for geologists.
  • Improve your understanding by easily evaluating multiple models and scenarios.
  • Gain buy-in with compelling 3D visualisation, and easily share models with the free Leapfrog Viewer.

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